Drop everything and take a walk. Leave your cell behind. Don’t worry you will miss nothing – the emails, tweets, like’s, comments, etc can all wait.

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To Be

or not to be :-)

"When spirituality intersects with comedy, enlightenment is attained."

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Santa Caught on Tape!
Santa on Tape!

Santa Caught on Tape!

Santa on tape!

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Who Am I?

This is a rarefied look into the deep recesses of my thoughts, dreams, and fears.  Actually it is more of a whim, hopefully something I will regret.

I am, by my calculations, about 10 years (maybe 15?) behind in blog postings and I have no intention of catching up.

I am an Entrepreneur, TV Producer, Filmmaker, Web/App Developer, Artist, and Investor.  I live to dream and dare to love.  I also breathe, eat, play, laugh, work and sleep – exactly in that order.

I own 2 media companies – Park Bench Media and Lifefilm Entertainment.  I create content and shows for TV, web videos, websites, motion graphics and interactive media.  I also own Lifefilm Productions, a company that creates broadcast quality documentaries for individuals.

I am also the co-founder and Director of FindaDoc, a zagat like ratings site for doctors, dentists and chiropractors.  I also own CathLabEssentials, an educational video based website for Interventional Cardiologists.

I am fascinated by the intersection of spirituality and humor – the golden key to enlightenment.   Welcome truth and may good donuts be in your near future.

I work in NYC and live in Centerport, NY with my beautiful wife Jeanne, 2 boys and English Bulldog – named Masey aka ‘White Shadow’

I like to run and love nature, coffee and food.

Oh yeah, nothing matters!

You can reach me at

Twitter: @johnbrancaccio

Skype: john.brancaccio

Voice: 347.687.3055


I create media for TV, Film, Web and Mobile.  Below are some of my professional and personal work – some completed, some works in progress.  Let me know your thoughts.

Santa Caught on Tape


Ideas are dime a dozen – worth nothing – it is all in the execution of said ‘idea.’

That being said, I love to think of new ‘ideas’ – pure creation.  Below are random idea’s – if you like or hate them, let me know!  And always feel free to contact me at


Spare some change?

Below are some of the charity’s I support.  Future charitable projects to come…stay tuned!



To buy or not to buy.  Click on some of my projects below to find out more.

Santa Caught on Tape!
Santa on Tape!

Santa Caught on Tape!

Santa on tape!

Little Dumplings
Little Dumplings

Little Dumplings

The Little Dumplings Video teaches children Mandarin Chinese and is based on the curriculum of the Little Dumplings Preschool located in Manhattan’s Upper West Side