Take a Walk
Posted by John Brancaccio on Oct 22, 2013 at 9:12 pm



Drop everything and take a walk. Leave your cell behind. Don’t worry you will miss nothing – the emails, tweets, like’s, comments, etc can all wait.

Literally, stop reading this and leave. If you are at work, drop everything and walk. Walk anywhere and forget about getting anywhere. Lose the idea of a destination. Concentrate on the journey. Say nothing and breathe it all in – your surroundings, random people, nature, etc – observe.

An added benefit is you are moving. Most of us no longer move – we sit and stare at screens most of the day. Motion is a good thing.

Do this at least once a week and reassess who you are and what the hell you are doing in this play called life.

Walk and breathe.



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  1. abhishek says:


    This article is awesome. Great to read and more awesome to try once.

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